Income tax

The Income Tax is a federal tax applied to the income of many Brazilians. For that, it is necessary to make the annual declaration that will be able to generate a calculation on the income.

Every year, Brazilians get involved with this date and end up leaving the declaration to the last minute. That is why it is essential to plan, understand how it works and get ahead so as not to miss the deadline.

What is Income Tax

Income tax

Income Tax is the annual declaration that Brazilians need to make. It serves as a control of the Internal Revenue Service to verify that there were no frauds in service taxation and to control the circulation of money in the country.

This is an essential strategy to contain illicit practices. This is because, hard earned and spent money, there are fees and taxes that need to be applied.

This occurs during the transaction itself. However, once a year the IRS needs to confirm that the tax was correct according to its financial turnover.

It may have been more or less than ideal, with the result that adjustments are made to return or charge an amount based on the income tax return.

Who should declare income tax

Although it is extremely important, the declaration is not mandatory for all Brazilians. There are those who are considered exempt, as they did not obtain in a year a remuneration considered sufficiently high for the due taxes.

See below what are the mandatory conditions:

  • It is required to declare who won more than R $ 28,559.70 in 2020;
  • Who earned more than R $ 40 thousand exempt, non-taxable or taxed at source in the year (this is the case of labor indemnity or savings income);
  • Whoever obtained a profit through the sale of goods (house, for example);
  • Who traded shares on the stock exchange;
  • Citizens who received more than R $ 142,798.50 in rural activities;
  • Who had until December 31, 2020, assets over R $ 300 thousand;
  • Anyone who moved to Brazil in any month of 2020 and stayed here until December 31;
  • Who negotiated within 180 days, by exempting IR at the time of sale.

In all of these cases there is a mandatory requirement and the citizen does need to submit his income tax return.

How to declare income tax

Income taxIn

The income tax declaration is made through a specific system that needs to be downloaded on your computer. The process is done through the system, with no need for attendance anywhere. See the step by step:

  • Download the IRPF program by clicking here;
  • Choose the type of device you are going to use and download it properly;
  • With the system installed, you can choose the complete or simplified declaration – the second one being indicated for most Brazilians.
  • With the system open, fill in the fields informing your annual income;
  • Pay attention to all fields, including those referring to your dependents.

To make it easier, have important documents in hand that will be used in your income tax return. Some of the essentials are:

  • IPTU;
  • Income reports;
  • RG, CPF and voter registration;
  • proof of submission of the previous year’s Income Tax return.
  • proof of medical appointments;
  • proof of college payment;
  • proof of assets and investments, among others.

How Income Tax Refund Works

The refund occurs when the IRS identifies that, according to the declaration, the taxpayer ended up paying more taxes than he should. In this case, the amount paid in excess must be returned to the consumer’s pocket.

The amount is returned in monthly lots. Whoever sent the declaration first is contemplated with the return also made in the first batches.

How to consult the income tax refund

If you have any doubts as to whether you are eligible for a refund, you can make that consultation through the official website. See the step by step for this below:

  • Access the site by clicking here;
  • The requested data were collected: CPF, date of birth;
  • Choose the reference year;
  • Variable the verification code and ask for the survey.

Once this is done you will see if any refunds are foreseen for your case. Remember that the information included must be correct for a search to return any true results.


Income tax is a boring but essential obligation. Through it, the IRS is able to maintain adequate control of the money that circulates in the country, as well as the taxes collected on the transactions.

Therefore, if you are on the mandatory list, it is important to meet the deadline and send a statement from you. Failure to do so may result in restrictions on your CPF and may put your assets at risk.

With this tutorial it was easy to understand how to make a declaration and income tax. You must anticipate yourself so as not to miss the deadline, which in 2021 runs until 4/30.

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