Imprisonment Assistance – How it works

Penitentiary Assistance is a value intended for the families of people who are imprisoned in the prison system in Brazil and who are beneficiaries of the INSS.

The idea is to offer the value for families with dependents to remain even during the beneficiary’s sentence. However, conditions include only dependents on closed prisoners.

What is Imprisonment Assistance

It is an assistance benefit for families of men and women imprisoned in the Brazilian prison system. If these people can have dependents, a value is offered as financial support.

Penitentiary Assistance has existed since 1991 and is ensured by Law No. 8,213, of June 24 of that year. For the amount to be granted, the applicant must prove that he is a beneficiary of the INSS.

Who is entitled to incarceration assistance?

Imprisonment Assistance - How it works

The idea of ​​this assistance is that the families of the prisoners are not left destitute during the period of imprisonment. Therefore, there are some essential criteria that need to be respected in order for the benefit to qualify.

It is important to clarify and emphasize that the amount is paid to the detainee’s dependents, not to him. Therefore, it is a kind of aid pension for people who may be helpless in the face of detention.

To qualify, it is necessary to have a monthly income equal to or less than R $ 1,425.56. The value changes annually.
Another requirement is to have paid at least 24 monthly fees to the INSS. The calculation will be made from an average of the last 12 salaries in the year prior to imprisonment.

Spouses and children:

The first group of beneficiaries is that of spouses and children, who are considered direct dependents. In this case, they fall into a category called “presumed dependence”.

This means that they are presumed to be financially dependent on the detainee, there is no need to prove that dependency.
They fit here

  • Spouse or partners (in a stable relationship);
  • Children under 21 and not emancipated;
  • Children with severe physical or mental disabilities.

In this case, the benefit is easily released, without major difficulties in accessing the value.

Detainee’s parents and siblings:

The detainee’s parents and siblings may also apply for Prison Assistance. In that case, the financial dependence must be proven. In the case of the brothers, there are still other basic requirements, such as:

  • Brothers under 21 and emancipated;
  • Brothers with severe physical or mental disabilities at any age.

How can I apply for prison assistance?

The request will be made through the My INSS app. The procedure can be done online or over the phone 135. You can also do it through the website as step by step below:

  • Access the site by clicking here;
  • After creating your access, look for the option “Requirements”;
  • You will see a list of the benefits. Choose Seclusion Assistance;

The next step is to forward the requested documents. This includes documents for the detainee and dependents. Basically you will have to forward 4 types of documents:

  • Documents with photo of the dependent;
  • Documents with photo of the detained worker;
  • Proof of link with the INSS (Work card, booklet, etc.).
  • Proof of arrest;
  • Evidence of the connection between the detainee and the dependent, such as certificates (marriage or birth), joint bank account and others.

Once the documents are sent, it is necessary to wait for the analysis. If the order is accepted, confirmation and more information about the payment date will occur.

It is important to remember that the benefit is intended for low-income families. Therefore, the proof of the condition of poverty must also be confirmed.Qual é o valor do Auxílio Reclusão?

Imprisonment Assistance - How it works

The amount of Prison Assistance is equivalent to a minimum wage. Therefore, in 2021 the value is R $ 1,100.00.
It is important to understand that the amount is fixed for each worker detained. Therefore, if the same taxpayer has 2 children, the amount will be divided into two parts, being 550 for each of the dependents.

The duration of the aid is up to 21 years or, at most, 3 years for children and 4 months for spouses who married less than 2 years before imprisonment.

For marriages older than 2 years, the time varies according to the age of the spouse. Disabled children will receive a pension for the entire period of confinement.


Prison assistance is questioned by many people. However, it is important to understand that it is an aid offered to people who are destitute when a worker is arrested.

Therefore, the value serves as support for the discovered family, not for the detainee. Also, remember that the right is reserved only for people who have contributed at least 24 months to Social Security.

Therefore, if you fit the profile, you can request the Seclusion Assistant. Always follow the adjustments so as not to be left out of the news of this pension.

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