Unemployment insurance

Unemployment insurance helps Brazilians after leaving formal work. During a given period, these workers will receive financial support while looking for new opportunities.

Insurance is requested by millions of people every year. It is one of the most important topics in labor laws and it is important to know it so that you know that it is a right.

What is Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance is a benefit guaranteed by article 7 of Social Rights of the Federal Constitution that promotes economic security to workers registered in the portfolio when dismissed without just cause.

Considering the average salary of the last three months, an amount is stipulated to be paid in monthly installments and for a determined period of time.

The most important thing is to know that there are some prerequisites that are considered when granting the benefit. The worker must be attentive to know if he is part of the group that is entitled to the parcels.

Who is entitled to unemployment insurance?

Unemployment insurance

Brazilian workers who had a formal contract and who were not released for just cause are entitled to unemployment insurance.

However, there are some details that are very important and need to be considered in order to know if you are eligible for the benefit. See the list of requirements.

The worker who worked with a formal contract is entitled to receive unemployment  insurance, provided he has not been dismissed for cause;

  • Professionals dismissed from their duties to participate in courses or training suggested at
  • the request of the employer;
  • Fishermen forbidden to fish due to the closed season;
  • Workers rescued from slavery.
  • Domestic workers dismissed without cause.

There is also a minimum working time required to access the benefit, which is 6 months of work – for professionals with a formal record. This period will already give access to the minimum number of installments.

What is the value of unemployment insurance

The amount of unemployment insurance varies according to the average salary of the last three months. Based on this calculation, the value of the installments is defined, which will be repeated during the months of access to the benefit.

In 2021 the value was readjusted and the installments may reach a maximum of 1,911.84, an increase of R $ 98.81 in relation to the maximum allowed in 2020, which was R $ 1,813.03.

How To Apply For Unemployment Insurance

The initial procedures for applying for unemployment insurance will be made by the company’s HR, since it is necessary to write off the portfolio and issue some important documents in order to have access to the amount.

However, the part of the beneficiary worker is possible to advance part of the process through digital channels, which greatly facilitates the entire process.

  • Enter the Emprega Brasil website and register;
  • site and must change it for a personal password;
  • When entering the site, look for the option to “Request Unemployment Insurance”;
  • Fill out a new registration;
  • The system will show job opportunities in your area.
  • You can apply for these vacancies at this stage;
  • At the end, confirm your interest in applying for unemployment insurance;
  • It will be necessary to schedule a face-to-face service;

After completing these steps, there is a 30-day deadline for you to start receiving the installments. However, if the face-to-face service is scheduled for more than 30 days after the virtual completion, the payment deadline may change.

How to withdraw unemployment insurance

Unemployment insurance

At the time of application via face-to-face service, the worker must provide an account for the amount to be credited.

Therefore, the unemployment insurance installments will be automatically deposited in this account.

If the applicant does not indicate any account for credit, the amount will be automatically deposited in a Caixa account provided it is individual.

If you do not have an account, then the forms of withdrawal will be:

  • In the Lottery Unit;
  • In a Correspondent Box Here;
  • at Caixa Self-Service;

For these options it will be necessary to generate a Citizen Card and register a password. Another possibility is to make the withdrawal immediately at a branch of the Caixa Econômica.


Unemployment insurance is a right of Brazilian workers and must be respected by companies. However, the person who is excused for just cause does not have access to the benefit.

Nor are they entitled to insurance, professionals who resign, unless there is an agreement between the parties – employee and employer.

In other cases, the insurance must be paid as provided by law. However, remember that these are parcels that give the dismissed professional the possibility of seeking a new job.

Take advantage of this period to look for new opportunities and use the amount of unemployment insurance sparingly, always considering that it is an aid amount for your accounts.

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