See your blood pressure on mobile – with Samsung and Apple Watch

With the popularization of smartwatches, more and more people are looking for practical and convenient ways to monitor their health. With that in mind, companies like Samsung and Apple have invested in apps to measure blood pressure through their smart watches.

High blood pressure is a chronic condition that affects millions of people around the world. It can be asymptomatic and, if left unchecked, can lead to serious complications such as heart disease and stroke.

With the ease of use of smart watches, it is possible to measure blood pressure anywhere and anytime. Additionally, these apps provide a clearer view of your blood pressure history, allowing you and your doctor to make more informed decisions about your care.

How to measure and calculate blood pressure?


Measuring blood pressure is a simple procedure, but very important to assess the health of the heart and blood vessels. There are two main ways of measuring: manual and automatic.

  • Manual measurement – a device called a sphygmomanometer is used, which consists of an inflatable cuff that is placed on the patient’s arm and a manometer that indicates the pressure.
  • Automatic measurement – an electronic device is used that automatically inflates the cuff and displays the pressure on the screen.

To calculate mean arterial pressure, you need to know systolic pressure (maximum pressure during heart contraction) and diastolic pressure (minimum pressure during heart relaxation). The formula for calculating mean arterial pressure is diastolic pressure + 1/ 3 x (systolic pressure – diastolic pressure).

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Free blood pressure measurement apps

There are many free apps available to measure blood pressure, which can be a good option for those who don’t want to pay for a blood pressure app or monitor.

Bpresso Blood Pressure
Bpresso is a blood pressure monitoring app available for Android devices. It is designed to help users monitor and manage their heart health by providing information on pressure, heart rate, weight and other relevant information. The app offers useful features such as the ability to add multiple measurements and track the trend over time time, as well as the ability to export data in PDF format to share with a physician or other healthcare professional.

It also provides reminders to help users remember to take their blood pressure regularly and allows users to set blood pressure goals to work towards healthy blood pressure. Bpresso is a popular choice among users looking for a simple app and easy to use to monitor your blood pressure and manage your heart health.


iCare is a health monitoring application that gives users the ability to measure their blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and other health information using smartphone camera. The app uses advanced algorithms to provide accurate measurements and is designed to be easy to use for users of all skill levels.

In addition to measuring and tracking health information, iCare also provides advice and suggestions to help users improve their health and prevent disease. It offers additional features such as the ability to set measurement reminders and sync data with other apps and devices.


Blood Pressure
The “Blood Pressure” app is a free blood pressure measurement app available for Android devices . It gives users the ability to monitor and track their blood pressure along with other health information like weight, height and prescription medications.

The app allows users to add multiple measurements and track their trends over time. It also offers graphs and charts to easily visualize the data and an export function to share the data with healthcare professionals. In addition, the application offers reminders to help users remember to measure their blood pressure regularly and provides useful information about hypertension and how to prevent it.


SmartBP is a technology that uses an electronic device to measure blood pressure accurately and efficiently . The device connects to an app on a smartphone or tablet and transmits the measurement information to the app, which can store the data, generate reports and track changes in blood pressure over time. To measure pressure correctly with SmartBP, simply place the device on your arm and press the button to start the measurement, following the app’s instructions.

There are different types of SmartBP available on the market, from basic devices that only measure blood pressure to more advanced devices that also measure heart rate and body temperature, so it’s important to choose the right device for your needs and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.


Health & High Blood Pressure Tracker
The “Health & High Blood Pressure Tracker” app is a free app for monitor blood pressure available for android devices. It allows users to measure and track their blood pressure, as well as other health information such as heart rate, weight and body mass index (BMI).

The app offers useful features like the ability to add multiple measurements and view trends over time in charts and tables. It also offers personalized reminders to help users remember to take their blood pressure regularly and provides suggestions and advice to help users maintain their cardiovascular health.


What can high blood pressure cause?

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a condition that can cause a number of health problems. Below are listed some of the main problems related to high blood pressure:

See your blood pressure on mobile

  • Damage to the heart and blood vessels
  • Increased risk of heart disease, such as heart attack and angina
  • Cerebral vascular accident (CVA)
  • renal insufficiency
  • Vision problems, such as vision loss or hypertensive retinopathy
  • arterial aneurysm
  • erectile dysfunction
  • Cognitive problems such as dementia and memory impairment.

Therefore, it is essential to control blood pressure through healthy habits, such as a balanced diet, regular physical activity, quitting smoking and controlling stress. If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, it is important to follow medical advice and use prescribed medications to keep blood pressure under control.

Does apple watch measure blood pressure?

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch that offers a wide range of health monitoring features, including heart rate and blood oxygen measurement. However, currently Apple Watch does not have a feature to measure blood pressure directly. While Apple is rumored to be working on blood pressure measurement technology, currently the only way to measure blood pressure is using a standalone blood pressure monitor compatible with the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch can be used to monitor physical activity, sleep, stress and many other aspects of health and well-being. It is important to remember that the Apple Watch and other portable health monitoring devices are not a substitute for proper medical evaluation and that results must be interpreted by a qualified healthcare professional.

How does Galaxy Watch measure blood pressure?

Samsung smart watches such as the Galaxy Watch and the samsung active 2 blood pressure monitor have sensors to measure blood pressure. To use this feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Samsung Health app on the watch;
  2. Tap “Blood pressure measurement”;
  3. Place the watch on your wrist and adjust it comfortably;
  4. Place your index finger on the button located on the side of the clock, pressing lightly;
  5. Wait a few seconds while the blood pressure sensor performs the measurement;
  6. View the measurement result on the watch screen and save it to the Samsung Health app.

It is important to remember that the measurement of blood pressure by the Samsung Watch is a complementary feature and should not replace the measurement carried out by a healthcare professional.

When is systolic pressure high and diastolic low?

Blood pressure is measured in two readings: the systolic pressure, which is the top reading, and the diastolic pressure, which is the bottom reading. When systolic pressure is high and diastolic is low, it may indicate a condition known as isolated systolic hypertension. This condition is more common in older people and can be caused by a variety of factors, including hardening of the arteries and increased peripheral vascular resistance.
Isolated systolic hypertension can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke. Treatment for this condition may include lifestyle changes, such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, and reducing alcohol and tobacco consumption. In some cases, medication may be needed to help control blood pressure. 

But what can be done to lower diastolic pressure?

There are several measures that can be taken to help lower diastolic pressure. Some of these measures include:

  • Adopt a healthy diet: including foods rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables, reducing consumption of foods high in saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium.
  • Lose Weight: Maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce diastolic blood pressure.
  • Exercise regularly: Aerobic physical activities such as walking, jogging or cycling help to strengthen the heart and reduce blood pressure.
  • Reduce stress: Relaxation practices such as meditation, yoga and massage can help reduce pressure and relieve stress.
  • Stop smoking: Smoking can increase blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Monitor blood pressure: It is important to regularly monitor blood pressure and follow medical recommendations to control it.

If these measures are not enough to lower your diastolic pressure, your doctor may prescribe medication to help control it.

Do people with high blood pressure feel very tired?

High blood pressure is a medical condition that can cause tiredness and shortness of breath in some individuals. This is because high blood pressure can overwork the heart, making it harder for it to pump blood to the body’s organs and tissues.

When the heart works harder to meet the demand for oxygen, tiredness and shortness of breath can occur, especially during physical activities or moments of stress. Therefore, it is important to control blood pressure through changes in lifestyle and, in some cases, with the use of medications prescribed by the doctor. Regular follow-up with a health professional is also essential to prevent complications related to hypertension.

Can people with pressure problems take energy drinks?

Some energy drinks contain high doses of caffeine and other stimulants that can increase blood pressure in some people. This is because these substances can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, which controls the body’s response to stress and can lead to increased heart rate and blood pressure.

arterial disease. Furthermore, excessive consumption of energy drinks can lead to other health problems such as anxiety, insomnia and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it is important to consume these drinks in moderation and avoid mixing them with other stimulating substances such as alcohol. Follow-up with a healthcare professional is also recommended to assess the effects of energy drinks on blood pressure and overall health.

It’s important to follow your doctor’s recommendations and maintain a healthy lifestyle to help control blood pressure and maintain cardiovascular health.

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