Family Salary – How does it work?

The Family Salary is another strategy of the Brazilian constitution that aims to reduce the poverty rate and extreme poverty in the country. It was created for auxiliary families in conditions of financial vulnerability.

The benefit is intended for people whose family nucleus contains teenagers or children under the age of 14. In that case, an extra amount is deposited to help with monthly bills.

But, it needs to be renewed annually. And if the family no longer meets the requirements for receiving the amount, the benefit may be canceled and the renewal refused.

What is the Family Salary

The Family Salary is a financial aid offered by the government as a strategy to collaborate with the maintenance of families in state and poverty or extreme poverty in the country.

It was instituted in the country in the 1930s and is provided for in Law No. 185, of January 1936 and Decree-Law No. 399, of April 1938.

This is a benefit linked to the INSS (National Institute of Social Security) social security. Therefore, it is aimed at workers.

The amount is added according to the number of children under 14 years old who make up the family. That is, it is cumulative. However, parents or guardians must comply with other essential requirements.

Who is entitled to the Family Salary

Family Salary - How does it work

The amount is intended for Brazilian workers. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm a position with a formal contract to have access to the Salário Família. In addition, there are other requirements that are required. Are they:

  • Earning up to R $ 1,425.56 per month
  • Having a child under the age of 14 or a child of any age with a disability.

It is important to note that in the case of adolescents and children with disabilities, an expert will be required to prove the situation before the benefit is approved.

Regarding the maximum salary, this amount is usually updated annually and may change by the government. Therefore, beneficiaries must be attentive to follow any news about the benefit.

Whoever has more than one source of income must present all forms of earnings at the time of application. Thus, a basic calculation will be made to arrive at a value and define whether the worker in question is entitled to the benefit.

How is the Family Salary calculated?

The calculation of the value varies according to the number of children you have in the family. Therefore, the monthly fee is not standardized, and may vary from family to family.

For each dependent who is less than 14 years old, the amount of R $ 48.62 will be granted. Unlike what happens with Bolsa Família, this amount has no limits.

Therefore, the number of children will always be the determining factor for the monthly calculation of the Family Salary. See the following examples:

  1. child: R $ 48.62;
  2. children: R $ 97.24;
  3. children: R $ 145.86;
  4. children: R $ 194.48;
  5. children: R $ 243.10.

For each child under 14 years old, the value of 48.62 is added. The installments are paid monthly. See the topic below on how to request the amount.

The amount paid for each member under the age of 14 can also be adjusted by the government. Another point that deserves attention for the beneficiary to monitor any change.
Separated parents:

Parents can apply for two benefits when married, as long as both receive less than 1,425.56 each. However, in the event of a divorce, the person who maintains the legal custody of the minor child will benefit.

How to apply for family allowance

Family Salary - How does it work

As the amount is destined to formal workers or domestic workers, the request for the Family Salary must be made directly to a superior. In other words, the worker must ask the employer for the benefit.

Separate professionals may request the amount through unions or some other management body regarding their area of ​​expertise. For retirees, the INSS is the one who can grant the benefit.

How will it be paid?

The employer itself pays the benefit. For retirees, however, it comes as an addition to the payment of retirement or sickness benefits.


The Family Salary is an important program of the Brazilian Constitution that aims to help maintain families in a state of poverty. Through this program, millions of Brazilians are able to maintain a minimum standard of survival.

Although little, the value contributes to the maintenance of accounts and basic needs of the poorest. This is particularly important in a crisis scenario, such as the one triggered in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The employer receives a refund for the amount paid to its employees. That is why it is a benefit for both parties.

Who is entitled to the Family Salary must seek information and apply for the benefit. It can be of great help to families in financial difficulties.


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