Bolsa Família – all about the government program

Bolsa Família is a government program aimed at helping families in poverty or extreme poverty. For this, a monthly fee is made available to these citizens.

The program was created in 2003. At first, the idea was to unify all social programs into one, ensuring greater control and easier access to these values. However, the program became so relevant that the following year it became a law.

What is Bolsa Família?

Bolsa Família - all about the government program

Bolsa Família is a financial aid made available by the Brazilian government for families living in poverty or extreme poverty. Upon proof of condition, it is possible to access the monthly amount.

It is estimated that more than 10 million families today receive the amount, which, although not enough to support, ends up contributing to the survival of these people.

Who is entitled to Bolsa Família?

Before simply signing up and trying to access, it is important to understand who is entitled to Bolsa Família. There are some basic prerequisites that must be followed and are essential. Are they:

  • Beneficiated families must have a monthly income of up to R $ 89 per person;
  • Families with a monthly income of R $ 89.01 to R $ 178 per person, but who have pregnant women and / or children and adolescents up to 17 years of age can also participate.

Both conditions for inclusion in the program require proof through documents such as a work card, statement and others that may be requested.

To find out if you meet the requirements, therefore, you need to calculate all income from your home and divide by the number and people.

What is the value of Bolsa Família?

Another common question regarding the Bolsa Família program is about value. The amount to be paid for each person can vary according to some criteria:

  1. The sum of all family members’ salaries divided by the number of members;
  2. Whether or not there are pregnant women and children under 17 in the family;
  3. Number of minors;
  4. Presence of babies up to 6 months in the family.

In this case, the difference in value is as follows:

For the first case, in which the sum of the values ​​divided by the number of family members gives a maximum of 89 reais, the value is R $ 89.00 per person participating in the program.

The other variants are:

  • Families with monthly income of up to R $ 178 per person, but who have children or teenagers up to 15 years of age will be paid the amount of R $ 41.00
  • Families with monthly income of up to R $ 178 per person and pregnant women will be paid R $ 41.00;
  • Families with monthly income of up to R $ 178 per person and who have children up to six months in their composition, will be paid up to the amount of R $ 41.00;
  • For families with a monthly income of up to R $ 178.00 and with adolescents up to 17 years of age: R $ 48;

In addition, for families that even with the sum of Bolsa Família with monthly income per capita less than R $ 89, an extra amount will be made available, which is calculated according to each case.

The intention is to maintain an average of over 89 reais per person, thus guaranteeing the minimum for survival.

How to register for Bolsa Família

Bolsa Família - all about the government program

To gain access to Bolsa Família, you must first be part of the Single Registry. This is the register used by the Federal Government to select the families that will be covered by this and other social programs.

To do this, it is necessary to attend a Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) or a service station of the Cadastro Único and the Bolsa Família Program.

An interview will be conducted by a specialist to analyze whether the situation is really a criterion for the participation of Bolsa Família.

Documents will be requested to prove the income and, once the registration is done, it is necessary to wait for a return regarding acceptance.

How to withdraw Bolsa Família

The options for withdrawing the amount are quite simple. When registering, the citizen receives a card that belongs to the program. It will serve to withdraw the value at ATMs of Caixa Econômica.

Another option is to withdraw through Caixa Tem, an application that has been widely used to withdraw Emergency Aid. Just download the App and you will access a digital account.

In it will be deposited the amount that can be transferred to other banks, used for payment and boleto, etc.

Bolsa Família is a fundamental program to maintain the well-being of many Brazilian families. The amount comes from the National Treasury, a fund used for social and emergency assistance in the country.

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