How to listen to the baby’s heartbeat at home? Discover the Baby Listen app and listen now

With the technological advances we have today, this is perfectly possible! We present the “Bebê Ouve” app, an innovative tool that allows parents an exciting and intimate connection with the little heart of their future child. This guide will explain how you can use this application to clearly and safely hear your baby’s heartbeat, transforming pregnancy monitoring into an even more special experience.

Understanding your baby’s health and well-being is a priority for any parent. The “Bebê Ouve” app not only brings peace of mind, but also intensifies the emotional connection during the pregnancy journey. With simple instructions and non-invasive methods, it stands out as a reliable tool for future parents who want to participate more actively in prenatal life.

Are you curious to know how it works and if it’s the right choice for you? Read on for in-depth insights into the “Bebê Ouve” app, including user experiences and expert opinions on its effectiveness and safety. This is not just a question of technology, but an opportunity to create unforgettable memories and strengthen the bond with your baby even before his birth.

Discover the best apps for listening


Discover the 5 best apps to monitor your baby’s heartbeat, an essential tool for modern parents who want to closely monitor their child’s health and development while still in the womb. These apps offer advanced features that foster a unique connection between you and your baby.

App Listen to the Baby's Heart:
This application stands out for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It uses advanced algorithms to filter external noise, ensuring that the baby’s heartbeat is captured clearly. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of saving recordings to share with friends and family or even keep as a souvenir.


App My pregnancy and my baby today:
 Rich in features, Coração do Anjo is not limited to monitoring heartbeat; it also offers virtual medical monitoring, with tips on nutrition and exercises suitable for pregnant women. The application generates detailed reports that can be useful in medical consultations, making it easier to monitor fetal health throughout pregnancy.


App HiMommy
In addition to its monitoring capabilities, Listen to Me is appreciated for its socialization capabilities . Allows the user to share the sounds of the baby’s heart in real time through social networks or directly with family members via email or messages, creating a shared experience and increasing the bond between family members and the unborn baby.


App Pregnancy +:
 Using the latest echo technology, EcoBebê is highly recommended for its acoustic precision . It effectively minimizes external interference, which is ideal for high-risk pregnancies where monitoring clarity is crucial. The app also offers the option to track various health metrics, helping parents better understand each stage of fetal development.


My Pregnancy App: Baby Tracker:
What sets this app apart is its emotional approach. It uses augmented reality to offer parents a three-dimensional view of how the baby is positioning itself inside the uterus while listening to the baby’s heartbeat. This feature makes Vínculo Vital not only a health tool, but also an immersive experience that strengthens the emotional bond between the family and the baby.


How the baby heartbeat app works

In the digital age, fetal monitoring apps have revolutionized the way expectant parents interact with their babies in the womb. A baby heartbeat app works by capturing a baby’s heartbeat via a smartphone or tablet, providing a safe, non-invasive way to check fetal well-being.

How to listen to the baby's heartbeat at home? Discover the Baby Listen app and listen now


Step by Step How to Use the Application:

  1. App Download : First, download the app of your choice from your smartphone’s app store.
  2. Device Positioning : Carefully position the device on the pregnant woman’s belly, usually in the area below the belly button where it is most likely to pick up the heartbeat.
  3. Start Monitoring : Activate the application and wait while it processes the sounds. This may take a few minutes depending on the application.
  4. Interpretation of Results : Once detected, the baby’s heartbeat is displayed on the screen in the form of sound waves or beats per minute.
  5. Recording and Sharing : If desired, record the sound of your heartbeat and share it with family and friends or save it as a souvenir.

These simple steps allow parents to have early, emotional contact with their baby, as well as providing peace of mind regarding fetal health.

What is professional equipment to listen to the baby’s heart

The most common professional equipment for listening to the baby’s heart is the fetal Doppler, an ultrasonic device that amplifies the sound of the fetal heartbeat. This equipment, used by healthcare professionals, allows the baby’s heart rate to be monitored during prenatal consultations, ensuring that development is occurring in a healthy manner.

In addition to the traditional fetal Doppler, there are more advanced versions such as the color Doppler, which provides colorful images of blood flow, helping to identify more details about the baby’s circulation and health. This equipment is essential in clinics and hospitals, offering doctors an accurate tool to monitor pregnancy closely.

How to buy and where to buy this device

Purchasing a fetal Doppler device to listen to the baby’s heart in the womb has become more accessible and practical, with several options available online. These devices are essential for parents who want to monitor fetal development from home, offering a unique experience of connecting with their baby. Stores specializing in medical products and e-commerce platforms are the main points of sale.

Examples of where to buy:

  1. Shopee : This e-commerce platform is known for its product variety and competitive prices. Here, you can find fetal Doppler models from different manufacturers, taking advantage of frequent offers and promotions.
  2. Stores specializing in pregnancy products : Many stores focused on maternity and baby products also offer fetal Dopplers. These places generally provide more personalized consultancy, helping to choose the best model according to the parents’ specific needs.

These options offer flexibility and convenience for parents-to-be, allowing them to make an informed and safe choice about where to purchase a device to listen to their baby’s heart.

see some examples of devices to listen to a baby’s heart shopee

Exploring fetal Doppler device options on Shopee can reveal a variety of choices to suit all needs and budgets. The platform offers everything from basic models to advanced versions with additional features, all designed to provide parents with a safe and effective way to monitor their baby’s well-being.

On Shopee, you can find devices like the “Portable Fetal Doppler”, which is compact and easy to use, ideal for regular checks at home. Another popular option is the “Fetal Doppler with LCD Display”, which displays the baby’s heart rate in real time, allowing for more detailed and informative monitoring. Both are highly rated by users due to their reliability and ease of use.

Where is the best place to hear the baby’s heartbeat in your belly?

Identifying the best place to listen to your baby’s heartbeat in the womb is crucial to ensuring the effectiveness of home fetal monitoring. The position of the Doppler and the specific location on the womb where the device is placed can significantly influence the quality of the sound of your baby’s heartbeat, making the experience more exciting and informative for parents.

Best Places to Hear the Baby’s Heartbeat in the Womb:

  1. Area Below the Navel : Generally, from the second trimester onwards, placing the Doppler slightly below the navel can help detect the heartbeat more clearly, as this is an area close to the uterus where the baby is generally most active.
  2. Left Side of the Abdomen : Many professionals recommend trying the left side of the abdomen, especially if the baby is positioned back to front. This position can facilitate more direct capture of the heartbeat.

These areas are recommended as they are more likely to capture sounds clearly, but it is important to remember that each pregnancy is unique, and it may be necessary to try different positions until you find the ideal spot.

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