SUS Card

Even if you enjoy the privilege of having a medical plan, you may need SUS at some point. In this case, the SUS Card will be essential to have access to care in the public health network.

SUS – Unified Health System – is public health care in Brazil, a model that has been replicated and praised worldwide.

Many Brazilians depend on these services to obtain essential medical care, such as prenatal care, preventive consultations and treatment of serious conditions.

In all these circumstances, you will be asked for the card details regarding the SUS registration. That is why it is so important to know and know how to get your card.

What is the SUS Card?

SUS Card

The SUS Card is the identification card of the Brazilian citizen that allows him to seek care in the public health network.

Without it, it is not possible to obtain consultations, exams and guidance at health centers and AMA networks, for example.

It looks like a bank card, made of hard plastic and contains some information on its face and back.

The only situation in which the card is not requested is for national vaccination campaigns. In this case, users can access the service only by presenting an identification document.

For other situations, the card will be required. It is individual and non-transferable, which means that children, teenagers, adults or the elderly must have their own card.

How to issue the SUS Card

To issue the SUS Card, a request must be made. The step by step is simple and all Brazilian or naturalized citizens can do it. Even those who have health insurance.

To do this, you must appear at a health unit near your home with some essential documents. The list of documents is as follows:

  • Identity document (RG);
  • CPF;
  • Birth certificate or marriage certificate.
  • Proof of residence, such as a water, electricity or telephone bill.

With these documents your request will be issued. The agent who sees you at the health center will be able to tell you what the next steps are and how long the card takes to get ready.

Another possibility is to pre-register through the website before attending the unit. In this case, the step by step is:

  • Access the Citizen Portal and search for “Pre-Registration of the National Health Card – CNS”.
  • Enter the requested data without leaving any fields blank;
  • Check the AntiSpam box;
  • Enter a personal email;
  • The system will generate a protocol. You will then have 90 days to attend a health facility and validate your card. Take the documents listed above with you.

In case you need to generate a new password, the registered email will be the means for that. So, be careful when including your data.

 How to consult the SUS Card number

If you have lost your card, having at least the number is important to maintain your access to health services. In this case, you can follow the step by step below which is very simple:

  • Access the meuDigiSUS website;
  • Log in using your access data to the “” Portal. If you don’t already have one, create your new account right away;
  • Look for “My health”;
  • Then go to “My National Health Card”, click “Access”;

Ready! You will see your card in a digital version. Copy the information or print the data. In that case, just look for the download icon, represented by a down arrow.

The file will be generated in PNG. You can save it to your computer or mobile phone or print it out.

 How to generate a duplicate of the SUS Card

SUS Card

The same step-by-step mentioned above can be used to issue a new route. The SUS Card does not need to be presented in its physical version, warm up that looks like a credit card.

With the data in hand or with the digital or printed version you can already get the service you need. The important thing is to have this information accessible to get the service.


Another option is to download the ConectSUS application on your cell phone or iPhone to get all the information about your registration in the public health network.


Public health in Brazil has evolved a lot and has become a model praised by experts. The front of this is SUS, the health program that maintains well-being and Brazilians at no cost.

The SUS Card, therefore, is an important identification document and must be kept under care by all citizens. Having the card is important to ensure your attendance in a more practical and quick way when necessary.

Therefore, follow our instructions and issue your SUS Card. Be sure to pick up the document only at the time of a medical emergency.

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