FGTS – What is it, who is entitled and how to apply?

The FGTS – Service Time Guarantee Fund – is a kind of savings that saves money to guarantee some financial security to the worker in case of dismissal.

This is a very important strategy for the dismissed employee to have some protection while looking for a new job.

Despite its great importance for the worker, some still have doubts about how it works, what is the amount and how to apply for the Time Guarantee Fund.

What is FGTS

The FGTS – Service Time Guarantee Fund is a mandatory savings that all registered professionals have. In it, monthly amounts are deposited which can be withdrawn in some circumstances.

It is a very important labor strategy. Thanks to the FGTS, the professional who is released from his activities without a just cause condition has an amount reserved for his expenses.

Who is entitled to FGTS?

Some conditions are imposed for the worker to receive this amount. Below is a list of the groups that are covered by the FGTS:

Workers hired by the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT);

  • Domestic workers;
  • Rural workers;
  • Temporary workers;
  • Intermittent workers;
  • Separate workers hired by a union;
  • Scourers;
  • Professional athletes.

Another group that can avail the benefit is that of non-employed directors. However, in this case, the decision of whether or not to pay FGTS is up to the company.

The group of people who are not entitled to FGTS are:

  • Eventual workers who provide provisional services and who do not carry out tasks
  • related to the main activity of the service taker;
  • Self-employed workers;
  • Civil and military civil servants, subject to their own labor regime.

For these working conditions, there is no monthly deposit and, therefore, there is no financial reserve being created in the name of the worker. These are groups that demand greater financial control.

What is the FGTS?

The FGTS amount will depend on the salary of the worker who receives it. This is because the deposit considers 8% of the monthly salary.

It is important to note that there are no discounts for the worker. In other words, the 8% is deposited without being removed from the monthly salary, acting as a kind of increase to compose this savings.

This percentage is calculated on top of the gross amount received monthly. Therefore, wages, overtime, night allowance, among others, are also considered.

In the case of apprenticeship contracts, such as Jovem Aprendiz, the percentage of the deposit is 2%, but it also guarantees certain security in case of dismissal.

How to apply for FGTS?

The FGTS request can be made in some specific situations. You can request the amount on the following occasions:

  • In case of retirement;
  • For home purchase
  • For discharge of property purchased by consortium
  • For payment of financed property;
  • In any situation of unfair dismissal, Termination by agreement Death of the boss or
  • closing of the company;
  • At the end of the employment contract for a temporary worker;
  • In the absence of paid activity for a single worker for a time equal to or greater than 90;
  • People aged 70 and over;
  • People with serious illnesses, terminally ill or when the illness is that of a spouse or
  • child;
  • In case of terminal stage in any disease;
  • Death of the worker;
  • Termination for reciprocal fault or force majeure;
  • Urgent and serious personal needs such as natural accidents, floods, etc.

In all these circumstances the amount may be required and there should be no impediments for the worker to have access to it.

How to withdraw FGTS?

Nowadays it is very simple to withdraw FGTS. Fortunately, the procedure can be done 100% online, without the worker having to go to an agency. To do this, follow the step by step:

  • Download the FGTS app on your mobile phone.
  • Enter your access data;
  • Provide an account to receive the amount that you own and confirm.

Once this is done, the amount will be transferred to the indicated bank. Just login to your account and use the amount as you wish.


FGTS is an important method to promote financial security for Brazilian workers. That way, even those who suddenly lose their jobs get immediate value for their bills.

In other circumstances, it contributes to the realization of the dream of owning a home, and can serve as an aid in the discharge of parcels or entry.

That is why it is important to know how FGTS works and to monitor whether deposits are made correctly in your account.

It is the company’s obligation to guarantee this and to ensure that the amount is deposited monthly without discounts on the employee’s salary.

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